• Internet Computer (ICP) NFTs are becoming more popular, with the Master Bot NFT selling for $172,000 on the market

  • PokedStudio recently auctioned off a variety of digital bots on an NFT marketplace, with the top sale fetching 3,000 ICP.

    Pokedstudio, a graphic design firm based in the United Kingdom, recently created a collection of 10,000 unique digital bots categorized as Animal Bot, Battle Bot, Industrial Bot, Food Bot, Game Bot, Wild Bot, Dead Bot, and one ultimate Master Bot, all of which were released on November 9, 2021. PokedStudio makes illustrations of characters and fantasy worlds.

    These bots were designed as NFTs that do not rely on the inefficient energy consumption of Proof-of-Work. They debuted on Entrepôt, an NFT marketplace. Entrepôt.app is the Internet Computer blockchain’s first NFT marketplace. To make a purchase through Entrepot.app, one must connect their ICP wallet, known as the Stoic wallet. To purchase the NFT, simply click the buy button and follow the prompts. Purchases are conditional on having a funded wallet.

    Bots have sold for prices ranging from 300 ICP to the most recent, most expensive Master Bot, which sold on November 10 for 3,000 ICP (approximately $172,140). At the time of writing, they are all sold out. Pokedstudio’s first foray into the metaverse includes the Bots NFTs.

    What exactly is an Internet Computer Blockchain?

    Dominic Williams founded Dfinity in 2016 and is responsible for the creation of the Internet Computer. The Internet Computer is a digital token that runs on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), which enables anyone to create software or publish content on the internet using methods similar to smart contracts. The goal of Dfinity was to reimagine the internet as a de-monopolized entity hosting secure software. NFTs can be created on the Internet Computer blockchain. The Insane Clown Posse was the first NFTs created on the Internet Computer Blockchain.

    There are no gas fees on ICB for minting NFTs.

    According to Dfinity’s Medium blog, Dfinity collaborated with Toniq Labs to airdrop 10,000 Motoko NFTs to conference delegates using Stoic wallets on the Internet Computer blockchain at the recent NFT.NYC conference in New York City. This was a demonstration of how no gas fees are required to mint or purchase NFTs while they are hosted on a decentralized, public blockchain. Minting non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, on Ethereum can be expensive. On Ethereum, minting an NFT is considered a transaction, and thus incurs a cost. Gas prices are determined by network traffic and the computational power required to complete a transaction.

    To release one’s own NFTs on the Entrepot marketplace, one must first fill out a form. Entrepôt charges a 1% marketplace fee, and creators can charge a royalty fee of up to 2.5 %. Because the Stoic Wallet is a non-custodial wallet, all assets, including NFTs, remain under the holder’s control. Entrepôt.app is the Internet Computer blockchain’s first NFT marketplace.

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