• Is ASTRO still a good investment after it was listed on Gate.io?

  • AstroSwap ASTRO/USD is a Cardano Network interstellar DEX.

    It finished its IDO on ADAPad and was listed on Gate.io.

    The Gate.io listing as a growth driver

    Initially, AstroSwap was in a truly unique position when it partnered with ADAPad, which has now facilitated the ecosystem’s first launchpad and DEX partnership.

    Its goal is to provide a streamlined path from development to trading for the plethora of innovative projects that will launch on Cardano.

    However, on October 11, AstroSwap announced on their Twitter page that they would begin trading on Gate.io.

    AstroSwap began trending on CoinGecko on October 13.

    In addition, WagyuSwap, which launched on BlueZilla’s VelasPad, supported AstroSwap.

    WagyuSwap’s purpose is to provide technical information on how to run AstroSwap’s DEX.

    Having said that, ASTRO’s Gate.io listing and the intriguing 330x ROI achieved within 48 hours of its IDO completion have definitely put the company on the map for many investors.

    It is worth noting that the total token supply is 10 billion, while the current circulating supply is 120 million.

    Should you invest in AstroSwap (ASTRO)?

    AstroSwap (ASTRO) was worth $0.332288 on October 13.

    To gain a better understanding of the token’s value, we will compare it to its all-time high and all-time low values.

    The token’s all-time high value was achieved on October 9, when it was worth $0.498834.

    When compared to its all-time high on October 13, the ASTRO token was $0.166546 higher in value, or 50% higher.

    When we look at the token’s all-time low value, it was $0.174465 on October 7, 2017.

    When we compare the all-time low to the value on October 13, we can see that the token’s value increased by $0.157823, or 90 percent.

    With its current trending status on CoinGecko and listing on Gate.io, we can expect the ASTRO token to reach a value of $0.490022 by the end of October, making it a sound investment.

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