• Is it possible to transfer a token from one network to another?

  • Yes, if you use Rubic’s Multi-Chain Protocol, which allows users to transfer more than 9,500 assets between three blockchains in a single click, eliminating the need for complicated and unnecessary steps.

    All Blockchains in One Place

    Rubic’s mission is to enable users to swap any token for any other token, on and between all blockchains, in one place, with a simple and intuitive UI, up to ten times faster than competitors.

    Rubic has developed its own Multi-Chain Protocol, which allows any token on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or Polygon networks to be exchanged for any other token on these three networks. For example, using the Rubic Multi-Chain Protocol, you can easily switch from BNB to QUICK. Rubic also offers the best rates and lowest fees due to the integration of numerous DEXs.

    Rubic’s multi-chain swaps will grow in breadth and scope. Rubic has announced that additional blockchains will join their Multi-Chain Protocol by the end of 2021: On October 19th, Avalanche will be integrated, with the following blockchain integrations including Moonriver and Fantom!

    The Rubic platform’s underlying magic is its ability to provide easy trading for over 9,500 tokens across multiple blockchain networks, thanks to their unique and custom Multi-Chain Protocol. Rubic provides an extremely simple multi-chain solution to all traders by utilizing liquidity pools and their own smart contracts.

    Multi-chain swaps are no different than regular swaps for a trader: simply select a token in the source network and a token in the target network, enter the amount to exchange, and click’swap.’ Within minutes, the user will receive tokens from the target network to the same address from which the transaction was sent.

    Collaboration with the Avalanche Ecosystem

    The Rubic development team has begun work on integrating the Avalanche network completely into their platform. SushiSwap, Trader Joe, and Pangolin are three major DEXs in the Avalanche ecosystem that the Rubic development team has begun to integrate. It will offer its users the best rates and fees for Multi-Chain Swaps on Avalanche.

    In anticipation of the upcoming Avalanche integration into Rubic.exchange, the platform is offering users a Gas Refund for Multi-Chain Protocol transactions involving more than $200 in Avalanche tokens. Rubic currently has collaborations with $AVE, $CYCLE, $TEDDY, $PNG, $SING, $GB, $YAK, $SWIFT, $MC, Trader Joe, and Frost-Fi. The “Gas Refund” campaign will run from October 19th to November 2nd.

    The Rubic team has high spirits, high energy, and is committed to their mission statement of swapping any token for any other token, on and between all blockchains, in one place, with a simple and intuitive UI, up to ten times faster than anyone else. Rubic is a bold project for anyone who wants to trade their assets quickly and easily. If you haven’t heard of Rubic.exchange before, you should definitely go check it out.

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