• Is Solana the fastest horse in the world? Veteran Crypto Trader Explains Why SOL Could Outperform Everything

  • According to a well-followed trader, smart contract platform Solana (SOL) could be the fastest horse in the crypto bull market.

    Throughout the day, the trader known as Cantering Clark shares a snapshot of a collection of different cryptos with his 76,000 followers.

    He observes that, while Bitcoin received all of the attention during its rally past $60,000, SOL outperformed the rest of the market quietly.

    “There are a plethora of reasons why I’ve been long SOL up to this point. Have you noticed the pattern yet? Even on a day when Bitcoin is the main attraction, Sol outperforms. “It’s a fast horse.”

    When it comes to Bitcoin and the crypto markets in general, the trader says he’s keeping things simple. He believes that the upcoming launch of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) will act as a bullish catalyst, sending prices higher.

    “How many people are going to get long as hell believing that each confirmation will yield a better result?”

    I believe in the market’s inefficiency.

    ATH = ETF”

    Bitcoin, according to Canterin Clark, will receive the lion’s share of capital flows in the near term. He predicts that altcoins will underperform when compared to BTC.

    “If you believe Bitcoin will break the ATH soon and you are heavily invested in alts, you should reconsider…

    Because if Bitcoin breaks the ATH, alts will be decimated. So, yes, the post makes perfect sense.”

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