• Is the Floki Inu, Baby DogeCoin, or Shiba Inu the next Floki Inu, Baby DogeCoin, or Shiba Inu? No, EverGrow Coin is so much more

  • EverGrow Coin has broken all previous crypto records in its first two weeks of operation. With 10,000 Wallets and a market cap of more than $75 million, this deflationary token is gaining traction.

    But why are so many experts, analysts, and members of the crypto community claiming that this is THE next big coin that will outperform all previous currencies such as Floki Inu, Baby DogeCoin, Safemoon, and Shiba Inu? The first reason is their ground-breaking rewards system. Only 8% of all transactions are distributed to the community, not in the token itself. The main distinction is that the rewards are given in Binance-pegged US dollars. This means that holders will receive a consistent passive income, something tangible that can be spent, rather than simply accumulating more coins.

    The coin is also twice as rewarding as their nearest competitor, because half of the tokens were burned at launch, and a further 1% has been burned since. The Airdrop and Team Wallet, which account for another 5% of the total, are both locked and do not receive rewards. This means that the rewards are distributed among only 44 percent of the total coins, implying that everyone has a much larger share.

    According to one analyst, if you owned 100 billion EverGrow Coins, which you could buy today for around $16,000, and the market cap reached $500 million while daily volume remained at around 5%, you would earn $455 per day in passive income, or $166,000 per year.

    Thousands of #EverGrowCoin owners from all over the world are now posting screenshots of their USD rewards on social media:

    So, what are the long-term prospects for this explosive new coin? The actual launch was very low-key. There will be no big publicity campaign or paid celebrities. The team behind the coin is identified in the White Paper as a group of extremely experienced developers, software and finance industry professionals. The group has held regular AMAs (live ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions), which have increased transparency and professionalism in this space. With this team, there is a distinct lack of ‘To the Moon!’ or ‘Buy, buy, buy!’ They appear to be calm, focused, and committed to a long-term project.

    One of the most important takeaways from these online meetings is the team’s understanding of the importance of utility for this coin in order to ensure that the trading volume continues to provide a tangible passive income for all holders. Content subscription, Staking pools, and an NFT marketplace are all expected to be launched very soon – this is a welcome change from many coins, which are all about growth and hype while ignoring true utility to add long-term value for investors.

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