• iZUMi Finance raises $30 million in funding from investors to develop its ecosystem

  • iZUMi Finance, a DeFi platform that provides on-chain liquidity to numerous chains through its Liquidity as a Service (LaaS) protocol, has raised $30 million in funding to help grow its ecosystem.

    Ivy Ventures, Cobo, Mirana, and other institutional investors contributed $20 million to the DeFi protocol, with $11 million secured through a Bond Voucher sale on the Solv Protocol.

    The total finance of $30 million will be utilized to assist development on the iZUMi platform.

    iZiSwap DEX has been launched.

    The protocol also introduced its next-generation decentralized exchange (DEX), branded iZiSwap. The new DEX is based on the BNB Chain, according to a press release shared with Invezz on Friday.

    iZiSwap has a Discretized-Liquidity-AMM that allows for individual Limit Orders, allowing traders to profit from lower trading fees and 0% slippage. Users will have access to liquidity regardless of pricing.

    According to Jimmy Yin, co-founder of iZUMi, the platform’s new capabilities will help eliminate liquidity obstacles, making it easier for more participants to participate into the market’s potential.

    “Liquidity is the catalyst for growth in DeFi. With the launch of our Discretized-Liquidity AMM and iUSD, iZUMi Finance is eliminating the barriers to liquidity and making DeFi more attractive and efficient for market participants.”

    Farming with Bonds

    Aside from the DEX, iZUMi Finance has launched the iUSD, a new US dollar-pegged bond. According to the platform’s release, the bond is 100% collateral-backed, including future revenues.

    Users can take advantage of the new possibility to earn rewards through Bond Farming, with the danger of temporary loss greatly reduced.

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