• Jason Urban of Galaxy Digital What Motivates Ethereum to Flip Bitcoin?

  • The theory that Ethereum would one day supplant Bitcoin has been around for a long. Although arguments over this have decreased after the bull rallies that rocked the country last year. However, it appears that not everyone has forgotten. Jason Urban, Galaxy Digital’s trading co-head, is one of them. The trade expert expressed his opinions on the cryptocurrency market and what he feels would finally propel Ethereum to flip Bitcoin.

    The Ethereum Merge Acts as a Catalyst

    Jason Urban, Co-Head of Trading at Galaxy Digital, outlined why he believes Ethereum will end up flipping bitcoin. The forthcoming ETH Merge was recognized as a main factor by Urban. This merger will provide Ethereum a competitive advantage over bitcoin, both of which continue to use the proof of work mechanism. However, following the merger, Ethereum will switch to proof of stake, which will require substantially less energy to carry out transactions.

    The network’s increased speed and scalability will also offer it an advantage. It becomes a more valuable digital asset as a result.

    He said that the increasing adoption of the digital currency shows that more people are starting to comprehend what Ethereum is all about. With its vast utility, the top smart contracts platform delivers a one-of-a-kind potential, making it an excellent bet for institutional investors.

    “There’s scalability and things that are now incredibly valuable and will allow ETH to expand, and savvy institutional investors are realizing that,” Urban explained. “They are not going to build a more ESG compliant crypto, and this is driving institutions to the point where we may see more institutional money flowing into Ethereum than Bitcoin because to the whole energy consumption element.”

    When Will The Flippening Take Place?

    Trying to anticipate the future value of extremely volatile digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum is frequently a shot in the dark. However, Urban has set a timeframe for when he expects the market will see ETH flipping BTC.

    The timeline he provided indicates that the trading co-head does not anticipate any flipping happening anytime soon. However, the future timescale is constrained. In response to the question, Urban stated that he sees this happening “in the next two to three years,” which is the “soonest” time he anticipates it to happen.

    “As people become more educated in the area and realize what the value proposition of cryptocurrency is, they begin to understand the power of smart contracts as a layer one on which so many bright brains can build.” “Ethereum is copper, and Bitcoin is digital gold.”

    At the time of writing, Ethereum is worth $3,250. It is presently worth less than 10% of the value of bitcoin, while having a smaller market capitalization than the pioneer cryptocurrency.

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