• Jed McCaleb’s Tacostand Wallet still contains 250 million XRP

  • According to XRPscan, Jed McCaleb, Ripple Labs’ co-founder and first chief technology officer, has resumed selling large amounts of XRP on the crypto market after ceasing sales in September of last year.

    He has increased his selling by almost 140 percent in the previous three days, and a crypto enthusiast believes he will be finished selling everything within a month. In his “tacostand” wallet, Jed presently has over 250 million XRP.

    Every day, 9 million XRP are sold.

    According to XRPscan statistics, Jed McCaleb resumed selling the last of his enormous XRP stash as the year began.

    Since January, he has sold approximately 464.8 million XRP, which is worth $186,790,421 at today’s market rate.

    The weekly sales of XRP coins range from 18 million to 26 million to 42 million. According to Twitter user Rafael Ken Aguilar, he has increased his selling volume by almost 140 percent in the last three days, selling nearly nine million XRP every day, up from four to six million previously.

    McCaleb expects to be out of XRP in roughly a month if the present selling rate holds.

    Jed still has 250 million XRP in his possession.

    Jed’s wallet, “tacostand,” still has 249,200,734 XRP in it, according to XRPscan. The XRP community created a website to track McCaleb’s sales rate, which is somewhat higher: 257,858,264 tokens.

    As a result, this is the final of the nine billion XRP granted to McCaleb by Ripple’s top management when he opted to leave the company a year after it was founded in order to launch a competitor to the blockchain Stellar.

    Depending on how much XRP McCaleb sells per week, the following are two possible dates for McCaleb to run out of XRP: July 14 and August 8.

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