• Kanye West’s Chicago Mural Is Being Sold As an NFT

  • Jason Peterson, a Chicago-based artist, is selling his latest Kanye West mural as an NFT. Using QR code technology, this new ownership method allows traditional artists to enter the NFT market.

    Kanye West’s historic mural

    Kanye West is making headlines again – this time, indirectly – as his face appears painted in Chicago’s West Loop. Jason Peterson, a graffiti artist, revealed the black-and-white artwork this week, and he’s ready to sell it as an NFT.

    Furthermore, Peterson devised an ingenious method of connecting the real-life mural to the NFT: QR codes. The Kanye West mural will, in essence, include a QR code. Anyone who scans the code will be able to see who owns it because the artist has linked them to the NFT.

    This brilliant method enables traditional artists to monetize and distribute their work in the virtual world. According to Jason Peterson, it is necessary to thrive in the digital age:

    “Today’s artists are constantly looking for new ways to challenge the status quo of art and its medium,” he says.

    The Kanye West mural auction is taking place on YeahProbablyNothing, an NFT-specific platform.

    The connection between NFTs and physical art

    If digital artworks previously dominated the NFT market, this year has seen a shift. More and more businesses are interested in selling their goods or services as NFTs in some form or another.

    Hello Fam, for example, launched the first all-NFT real wine brand last month. Meanwhile, Gutter Cat Gang has launched Gutter Merch, through which its NFT owner community can obtain exclusive merch items. These innovations, along with the Kanye West mural NFT, are the first steps toward NFTs becoming more widely used.

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