• Keith Haring’s Untitled NFT collection will be released by Haru Invest

  • A South Korean digital management firm will host the artist’s original masterpiece as NFT to honor the legendary artist – Keith Haring. Indeed, the Keith Haring NFT “Untitled” is already up for auction until December 10th.

    More information on Keith Haring NFT

    Surprisingly, Haring’s use of smiling faces, hearts, symbols, and high chromatic primary colors is well-liked all over the world. The artwork, in particular, depicts a two-eyed smiling face.

    Furthermore, “Untitled” is a work that comes with handwritten letters and provides a unique insight into Keith Haring’s social character.

    How will the sale take place?

    The Keith Haring NFT costs 4 BTC, or $53,822. Similarly, Haring’s artworks are extremely popular, with auction prices reaching as high as $6,537,500.

    Keith Haring NFT will be sold through a lottery system. Where the winner is determined by an unbiased random process.

    Following that, the buyer can choose whether to keep the artwork in the form of NFT or as physical artwork. Furthermore, in order to preserve its value, the firm will destroy the NFT in exchange for the physical artwork, and vice versa.

    Haru Invest’s Background

    Haru Invest has a stellar reputation as a top digital asset management firm. Furthermore, the company has no records of data breaches and provides excellent customer service. In fact, the company’s total transaction volume reached $1 billion in November.

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