• Kevin O’Leary Is the Owner of Millions of Dollars in Crypto

  • When asked about his exposure to the sector by co-host Joe Kernen during a recent interview, Canadian investor Kevin O’Leary disclosed that he owned 20% of his portfolio in “cryptocurrencies and blockchains.”

    The 67-year-old entrepreneur believes his cryptocurrency holdings are worth “millions of dollars.”

    O’Leary stated in November that his bitcoin exposure was 10%. “Mr. Wonderful” is reported to have a net worth of $400 million.

    O’Leary, widely known for co-hosting the blockbuster show “Shark Tank,” was skeptical of cryptocurrencies at first. He went so far as to brand Bitcoin “trash” in May 2019, claiming that the initial cryptocurrency was worthless.

    The Canadian businessman first dabbled in cryptocurrency during the height of the previous bull run, purchasing $100 worth of various coins. During a seminar he taught at Harvard University, he was questioned by some pupils. His introduction into the area coincided with the onset of a terrible crypto winter, which left the entrepreneur with a bad taste in his mouth.

    O’Leary became interested in Bitcoin in late 2020 after being persuaded to buy some by crypto influencer Anthony Pompliano. He came to the conclusion that it was the only crypto that worked about that period.

    In 2021, the “Shark Tank” star expanded her investment beyond Bitcoin and began significantly investing in the decentralized financial area.

    Non-fungible tokens are also appealing to O’Leary (NFTs). He predicted that they would eventually outnumber the largest cryptocurrency since they cover a wide range of use cases, including inventory management and verification. The entrepreneur also has Bitcoin, Ether, Solana, and other cryptocurrencies.

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