• Kin introduces new apps, games, and marketplaces in the Solana NFT space

  • Kin, a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to be easily integrated across mobile and web apps, has added NFTs to assist apps and brands in driving consumer engagement. According to a press release, the Kin Ecosystem now hosts a vibrant array of NFT initiatives and projects, all of which contribute to a massive tokenized economy.

    Kin is leveraging the most recent NFT developments to increase value.

    Brands and developers in the Kin Ecosystem are leveraging Web 3.0 NFT developments to boost the value of Kin’s cryptocurrency. Holders now have more opportunities to earn and spend their tokens.

    The Kin Foundation’s Executive Chairman, William Mougayar, stated:

    Kin, as a versatile cryptocurrency with user-friendly developer tools, is unconcerned about emerging blockchain and Web3 use cases. As a result, Kin is easily integrated by these flagship NFT projects that are part of the Kin economy. Kin, as it lends itself to almost any digital experience, can easily eat away at the market share of specialized projects.

    Kin facilitates Solana’s first play-to-earn NFT RPG game.

    Kreechures is the first Solana (SOL/USD) generative collectible NFT RPG (role-playing game). Players who have NFTs monsters in their possession can earn KIN in the game. The novel NFT experience allows for a wide range of activities. Holders, for example, can play with their own Kreechure, compete with other players, train and progress them, and earn KIN in the process.

    Introducing the first NFT marketplace powered by KIN.

    Shiny is a new app that allows users to buy, sell, and exchange Solana NFTs with the Kin cryptocurrency. It will enable the Kin Ecosystem of apps, developers, and brands to reward audiences and interact with NFTs with a single currency.

    This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for investigating NFTs. Shiny, which is still in its early stages, will be released at the start of next year.

    Other noteworthy developments

    Pop.in is working with Kin on new NFTs and updates. Kin and Madlipz are collaborating to bridge the gap between NFTs and meme culture. Finally, bisport.in is aiming for the Indian market with a one-of-a-kind new sports NFT platform. Kin will be used as an in-app currency to earn and spend rewards.

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