• Ambire Network to Become Ambire and Transition to a DeFi Wallet

  • AdEx Network has recently announced a rebranding. The company will begin operations under the name Ambire and will shift its focus to Ambire Wallet: a next-generation cryptocurrency wallet that allows anyone to easily and securely benefit from DeFi.

    Ambire is the new name for AdEx Network, the company behind the decentralized advertising platform of the same name. Ambire AdEx will be the new name for the ad network, and Ambire Wallet will be the name for the cryptocurrency wallet that they are developing.

    “When we founded AdEx Network in 2017, blockchain technology was still in its early stages, Ethereum had almost no adoption, and things were moving at breakneck speed.” “We were only working on our decentralized ad platform,” said Ivo Georgiev, Ambire’s CEO and founder.

    “After only four years, the industry is almost unrecognizable.” We accomplished a lot during this time, and we felt it was time for a brand refresh that reflected our company’s growth,” Georgiev added.

    Since the company’s inception, the Ambire team has developed technology that simplifies cryptocurrency: seedless logins, paying Ethereum transaction fees in stablecoins rather than ETH, automated gas fee management, eliminating ERC approvals, and much more. This puts them in a good position to address the market’s issues and set new standards for usability.

    “Ambire is a verb in Italian that means to aspire and strive. And that’s what we do,” explained Vanina Ivanova, the company’s CMO, about the new name.

    Changing the focus

    Ambire AdEx debuted in 2020, and the self-serve ad exchange now has over 16,000 registered publishers and advertisers. With it in a more mature state, the team can now shift their focus to their new product – a DeFi-focused smart wallet that easily and securely introduces anyone to cryptocurrency and DeFi.

    Ambire Wallet is designed for anyone from the absolute beginner in cryptocurrency to the crypto- and DeFi-savvy user, and it includes a number of innovative features such as one-click portfolio diversification, automatic gas management, and hardware wallet support for military-grade security.

    Ambire wallet will also allow users to purchase crypto with fiat and easily spend their crypto assets for everyday transactions, as a crypto-enabled debit card is in the works.

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