• Bitrue, an XRP-focused exchange, has opened Songbird deposits and teases a 20,000 SGB promotion

  • SGB is Songbird’s native utility and governance token, as well as a “canary network” for the Flare (FLR) blockchain. Bitrue (BTR) is the first platform to list SGB and allow trading in this cryptocurrency.

    Flare’s Songbird (SGB) has arrived at Bitrue.

    According to an official announcement shared on Bitrue’s social media channels and official blog, deposits for Songbird’s SGB tokens are now open.

    Beginning September 23, all FLR supporters who received SGB via airdrop will be able to deposit them into their Bitrue (BTR) accounts. Trading and withdrawals will be available on September 27th.

    SGB will be available in both XRP and USDT currency pairs.

    SGB tokens were distributed to FLR airdrop participants on September 17, as previously reported by ULTCOIN365. As a result, the Songbird (SGB) network was launched in observation mode to conduct stress tests on its design.

    20,000 SGB will be distributed to “early birds.”

    The Bitrue (BTR) team has launched a massive promotional campaign to encourage SGB/XRP and SGB/USDT trading. The first 400 users to deposit SGB to Bitrue will share a prize pool of 20,000 SGB.

    To be eligible for the promotion, SGB holders must deposit a minimum of 50 SGB. The deposit must be confirmed by the end of September 2021.

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