• Christie’s, a major auction house, has accepted Bitcoin for a painting estimated to be worth $6 million

  • Christie’s, a British auction house, would take bitcoin and ether for a painting believed to be worth $6 million. One of the approved custodians, such as Coinbase, Fidelity, Gemini, or Paxos, must hold the digital wallet used to pay for the painting.

    At Christie’s, you can pay for paintings with Bitcoin. Christie’s, one of the world’s most prestigious auction houses, will accept bitcoin for an artwork by Keith Haring at its upcoming “20th/21st century” sale in London.

    The painting “is perhaps the very first example that we have of an artist glorifying the computer,” according to Katharine Arnold, co-head of postwar and contemporary art for Christie’s in Europe. “Apple Macintosh was first introduced in 1984,” she explained. As a result, it’s a true piece of history.” Arnold continued, ”

    As a result, the possibility of paying the whole hammer price and buyer’s premium in bitcoin seemed like a perfect match.

    The picture is estimated to be worth between 3.9 and 4.5 million pounds ($5.42 and $6.25 million).

    There will be two cryptocurrencies accepted. The auction house’s website states that “payment in ether or bitcoin must be made via a digital wallet transfer of that currency to Christie’s,” stressing that partial payments from multiple digital wallets will not be accepted.

    Coinbase Custody Trust, Coinbase, Fidelity Digital Assets Services, Gemini Trust Company, Gemini Europe Ltd., Gemini Europe Services Ltd., Paxos Trust Company, Digivault Ltd., Ziglu Ltd., or Archax Ltd. are the only custodians that can be employed.

    Christie’s stressed the following:

    Only payments sent from digital wallets hosted on these platforms will be credited to this lot purchase; payments from digital wallets hosted on other exchanges or self-hosted wallets will not be recognized.

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