• DDoS Attack on Bitcoin.org, Bitcoin Demanded as Ransom

  • The Bitcoin.org website is facing another battle, this time on the technological front, after becoming embroiled in a court decision in the United Kingdom.

    Bitcoin.org is being targeted by an “extremely huge” distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, according to the site’s pseudonymous operator, Cobra.

    On Monday, ULTCOIN365 said that the attackers sought 0.5 bitcoin ($17,012) to restore the site’s services and operations.

    DDoS is a sort of cyber assault that floods the host or infrastructure of a website with request traffic, overloading the system and rendering it unworkable.

    The attack is the most recent development for the website, which aims to educate and train people on how to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

    Because Cobra did not want to reveal their genuine identities, the High Court in London granted nChain Chief Scientist Craig Wright a default judgment last week. The court ordered Bitcoin.org to remove a copy of the Bitcoin white paper from its website.

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