• Oleg Tselkov NFT sold a painting that was one of his last

  • Oleg Tselkov NFTs will be released by Superhow.ART. Tselkov died in July 2021, and a collection of one of his final paintings is being created. Above all, the auction winner will receive a genuine oil painting signed by the artist, as well as a digital certificate as an NFT. This is the first NFT auction of a genuine fine art painting on Superhow.art.

    Concerning the Auction

    In this release, Superhow.art stands out. They are allowing people to buy fractional or full ownership, making it available to everyone. There could be one ‘whale’ winner who receives full ownership and the physical painting, or many’shrimp’ winners who each receive a portion of the art piece. If the shrimps win, governance tokens will be distributed, and the painting will be kept in the gallery but co-owned. The auction is scheduled to begin in 16 days (October 25th) at 1 PM UTC; use this link to be notified when it goes live. The auction is more secure because it is based on decentralized Ethereum smart contract technologies.

    The artwork is titled “Head with Legs,” and it looks exactly as it sounds, as shown in the image above. The physical artwork is a 2014 oil painting on canvas. The Arty Cube gallery will provide an authenticity certificate with it.

    Oleg Tselkov’s Biography

    Oleg Tselkov was a Russian artist born in Moscow in 1934. He died in Paris in July of this year. Throughout his career, he was best known for painting brightly colored portraits of people. During his career, he achieved enormous fame in Russia, but in 1977, he relocated to Paris and purchased a farm in Champagne, where he lived and worked for the rest of his life. Following his death, some of his art pieces were auctioned off on Sotheby’s (non-NFT)

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