• Over the last three hours, Coinbase has received 13,003 BTC from an anonymous whale

  • An anonymous crypto whale has shifted a remarkable 13,003 Bitcoins to Coinbase, the largest US-based crypto trading venue and a public business that recently secured a direct listing on the Nasdaq, according to a recent tweet from the crypto monitor Whale Alert’s crew.

    The charge for the transaction was 0.00011508 BTC – equivalent to $3.6 in fiat – a fee that no bank can match for a money transfer, much alone the speed that no bank can match.

    Cryptocurrency whales sent 14,550 BTC to Binance this week, with 4,518.409 BTC being transferred in just one hour. The CEO of CryptoQuant, a crypto analytics company, believes that there is a lot of selling pressure on the largest cryptocurrency right now.

    At the time of writing, the flagship cryptocurrency was trading for $31,515 USD. Bitcoin dropped from $32,500 to $31,175 earlier this week.

    The price of Bitcoin climbed somewhat on Friday when it was revealed that Bank of America has allowed the trading of Bitcoin futures for some of its customers and that it will supposedly also trade CME Group’s BTC futures.

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