• Paediatric Nurse Turns Crypto Trading Hobby Into Full-Time Job, Earns Seven-Figures

  • A 31-year-old paediatric nurse who used to trade cryptocurrencies during lunch breaks is said to have quit her job to become a full-time day trader with a seven-figure income.

    Dorgan, originally from Omaha, Nebraska, told his story to Bloomberg Businessweek for an article titled “These Unemployed Americans Tell Us Job Market Turmoil Is Anything But Transitory,” which was published on October 14. According to the article, Dorgan began trading cryptocurrency during his work breaks in 2017.

    Dorgan told ULTCOIN365 via Facebook that after seeing a news report mentioning Bitcoin’s price breaking above $2,000 and doing some research, he realized “it was a huge opportunity to get involved with crypto as early as possible.”

    Then, last year, after noticing that he could make more money trading crypto in five minutes than he could in an entire day at his hospital job, he realized he needed to quit his job and trade crypto full time:

    “It was really difficult sitting in my office, making a few hundred dollars a day or whatever, and then taking a trade on my lunch break and making my entire day’s wage in five minutes.”

    He quit his nursing job in August 2020 after consulting with a financial advisor to ensure he had enough money saved in case his move to full-time crypto trading did not work out. And now, he reportedly has a seven-figure income and is “very happy” with this life-altering decision.

    Dorgan says he’s “invested in traditional markets as well as bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum” these days. Dorgan can trade from his vacation home, giving him more time to spend with his newborn. In his spare time, he has also started exercising and meditating, as well as working on home improvement projects.

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