• UFC and Crypto.Com Collaborate

  • Crypto.com and the UFC just established a long-term relationship. The Ultimate Fighting Championship has signed into its first official cryptocurrency platform relationship.

    Crypto.com will be the UFC’s official “combat kit” partner, which means the Crypto.com logo will be visible on the athletes’ attire, in addition to being the first crypto platform to collaborate with the UFC. According to ESPN sources, the contract is one of the most valuable the UFC has ever gotten.

    Dana White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, had some words to say about the collaboration.

    In a statement, UFC president Dana White stated, “This is a relationship between two companies that are the best at what they do.” “UFC has done more to increase the appeal of combat sports than any other corporation, and we are now one of the most well-known sports companies on the planet. Because of the strength of our brand, we can assist Crypto.com reach a wider audience around the world.”

    To emphasize the significance of this worldwide collaboration, the UFC’s most recent agreement was with Reebok, putting Crypto.com on the same level as the multi-billion dollar sports brand.

    Apart from their previous UFC relationship, Crypto.com just announced a partnership with Formula 1 as the Official Cryptocurrency Sponsor and NFT Partner.

    F1 issued a statement that read, in part, as follows:

    “The Crypto.com Visa Card is the world’s most popular crypto card, available in 30+ countries worldwide, in addition to establishing the world’s fastest-growing crypto platform and the leading app in both the App Store and Google Play.” By partnering with Formula 1, Crypto.com will be able to expand its brand exposure on a global scale.

    Crypto.com’s ambition to establish a worldwide brand is obvious in their recent partnerships, which have allowed them to engage with some of the world’s largest fanbases and build an audience of non-crypto natives.

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