• KRM22 and Currency.com collaborate to bring capital market control to cryptocurrency

  • KRM22 plc (LON:KRM) is pleased to announce a collaboration with Currency.com, a fast-growing European crypto platform, for the implementation of the KRM22 Market Surveillance product.

    An exciting opportunity to grow the cryptocurrency client base while also driving industry and regulatory standards through market surveillance.

    The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has prompted increased regulatory scrutiny. Governmental and regulatory approaches to cryptocurrencies vary significantly around the world, but there is a significant increase in focus on cryptocurrency in EU regulation. Forward-thinking companies are already preparing for this focus by implementing the processes and systems associated with traditional asset classes.

    KRM22 market surveillance software provides a unique level of insight and context that enables customers to efficiently monitor their business and confidently manage regulatory obligations. From traditional capital markets to the cryptocurrency industry, key software features are transferable. To name a few benefits, we provide cloud-hosted real-time processing, an extensive alerts library, and integration with leading market data providers.

    “We are proud to announce our partnership with KRM22 and the integration of the Market Surveillance software with Currency.com,” said Steve Gregory, Chief Executive Officer, US, Currency.com. KRM22’s solutions are well-known for their effectiveness in preventing potential market abuse, fraud, and operational breaches, and this collaboration reinforces our commitment to strong risk management. As a rapidly expanding cryptocurrency platform in a developing industry, ensuring the integrity of our business and the security of our clients is critical. As we grow, we will maintain the highest levels of risk management, regulation, and international best practices.”

    “We are delighted to add Currency.com to our existing and growing KRM22 cryptocurrency and digital asset market surveillance community, enabling KRM22 to continue to partner with cryptocurrency and digital asset firms to adopt and implement industry and regulatory standards for market surveillance,” said Daniel Langley, Head of Compliance at KRM22.

    Concerning KRM22

    KRM22 is a closed-ended investment company that debuted on the AIM market on April 30, 2018. The Company was founded with the goal of creating value for its investors by investing in, and then growing and developing, target companies in the technology and software sectors, with a focus on risk management in capital markets.

    KRM22 assists capital market companies in reducing the cost and complexity of risk management through its investments and the Global Risk Platform. The Global Risk Platform offers applications to assist firms in addressing market, compliance, operations, and technology risk challenges, as well as in managing their entire enterprise risk profile.

    Capital market firms collaborate with KRM22 to improve profitability and expand opportunities to increase portfolio returns by leveraging risk as alpha.

    KRM22 plc is an AIM-listed company headquartered in London with offices in several major financial centers around the world.

    Currency.com Information

    Currency.com is a rapidly expanding cryptocurrency platform that connects the burgeoning world of cryptocurrencies with the world of traditional financial assets. The platform, which is powered by simple, slick, and intuitive technology, is intended to allow investors to securely buy, trade, and invest in popular cryptocurrencies using both cryptocurrency and fiat currencies.

    Currency.com offers a variety of digital asset-related products, depending on the regulatory boundaries in each country. The platform includes robust risk management controls, transparent pricing, and extensive financial education content to help investors trade with confidence.

    Currency.com reported a 374 percent increase in client base in 2020, making it one of Europe’s fastest-growing crypto exchanges. Viktor Prokopenya, a venture capitalist, was an early investor in the company through his fund VP Capital.

    Currency Com US LLC is a Money Services Business registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. Currency Com Limited, its parent company, is a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Provider licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. The firm has offices in the United States, Belarus, Gibraltar, and Ukraine.

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