• Lacoste Discord Is The Latest To Be Hacked

  • The official Lacoste Discord is the next large NFT community server to be hacked. The attack specifically targeted Discord users by promising them the opportunity to see their NFT early. However, if they opened the link, the scammers would have gained entire control of their cryptocurrency wallets. Today, the Lacoste Discord stated that there is no longer a threat and that the situation is being investigated.

    The Lacoste Discord hack follows a fraud pattern.

    Lacoste, the legendary French fashion company, has been expanding its web3 presence and has lately launched an NFT project called “UNDW3.” With over 83 thousand users, the official Lacoste Discord is quite active, and scammers have chosen to target them because of their numbers.

    “The hacker provided a false link to a clone of the UNDW3 website with a phony mint reveal link, where users were prompted to sign a transaction,” the admin remarked on Discord this morning. Their assets were moved to the scammer’s wallet as a result. We immediately erased all announcements and malicious accounts from the site after finding the attack.”

    Lacoste looks to have followed security protocol on their Discord. Lacoste has committed to investigate, despite the fact that they believe one of their moderator tokens has been compromised. But, as we all know, it just takes one minor mistake for the hackers to gain access.

    Discord is still under attack.

    It looks that Discord is still a popular target for hackers. Because of the large amount of people on each server, it is a great opportunity for them to target several people at the same time. Always double-check the links you are clicking on. If you are unsure whether a link is real, avoid it.

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