• Larry David Has Finally Agreed to Star in an FTX Crypto Ad

  • Larry David, who is notorious for avoiding commercials, has consented to appear in a pro-crypto commercial. This is the first time he’s agreed to appear in a commercial.

    FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange, has managed to get Larry David in their latest marketing campaign. The commercial originally aired during Super Bowl 56, which took place on February 13, 2022.

    The advertisement is intended to persuade skeptics to adopt cryptocurrencies and to expand the digital currency ecosystem.

    Larry David is the “anti-sponsor” of FTX’s 60-second commercial, which will air during the first half of the game.

    Addressing Skepticism with Larry David

    “We need to meet people where they are – and that means embracing skepticism,” says FTX Co-Founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried. Many of the folks who are now the most vocal proponents of cryptocurrency earlier had serious misgivings.”

    Jeff Schaffer, Larry David’s longtime creative partner on Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, directed the commercial. The notion was pitched by FTX’s creative firm, dentsuMB, according to Schaffer. Larry David was taken aback by the proposal. David has never before appeared in a commercial. But in the end, he agreed.

    “Larry’s had many ad suitors over the years, from beer brands to toilets,” Schaffer added. ‘Oh, it could be fun if we twisted it this way,’ we’d say when we got concept materials. This was the first time we’d seen an idea and said to ourselves, “Oh, it’s perfect.” Every invention has its skeptics, and Larry is one of the most outspoken of them.”

    Imminent Adoption

    Over half of Americans who possess bitcoin bought it for the first time in 2021, according to an Ascent poll performed last year. More than half of all Americans (56.7 million) have never purchased cryptocurrency. However, according to the survey’s findings, they are more inclined to buy in the coming year.

    The popularity of cryptocurrencies is increasing. FTX also claims to have experienced significant growth. They claim that in 2021, their average daily trade volume increased by 608 percent. “In the first full year of operation, total spot crypto traded exceeded $67 billion.” The exchange now has 1.2 million customers, a gain of 11,900 percent from 2021.”

    “What I hope people notice is that we’re not taking ourselves too seriously,” said Nathaniel Whittemore, FTX’s Head of Marketing. We wanted an ad that made people chuckle and made their Big Game experience and traditions even more enjoyable. We’re not claiming that cryptography is the greatest innovation ever. However, we see crypto’s revolutionary potential.”

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