• Liberty Gaming Guild collaborates with Persib Bandung, Indonesia’s football powerhouse

  • The Liberty Gaming Guild (LGG), a next-generation project that is creating a portal to liberty, financial freedom, and play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse success, and Persib Bandung, a leading candidate to win this season’s Indonesia football top-flight league, have announced a cooperation.

    The Liberty Gaming Guild has joined forces with Persib Bandung, and they have big plans for Southeast Asia (SEA)

    The relationship was regarded as “groundbreaking” in its statement. It is the first time a blockchain gaming platform has entered into an agreement with a real-world football team with millions of supporters in Indonesia and Southeast Asia (SEA).

    Notably, the collaboration is strategic for LGG. It takes into account their goal of facilitating access to high-profile P2E and NFT games like Axie Infinity, which are popular in SEA, as well as promoting financial freedom possible by superior blockchain solutions grounded in the power of distribution and the community.

    LGG’s Brand Message will be carried by Persib Bandung.

    Persib Bandung is now third in Indonesia’s top football division. They won the league twice, in 1994/95 and 2014.

    Persib Bandung has a chance, given their recent winning streak and the unwavering backing of their fans. LGG will benefit more if they repeat their previous successes and win. This is because a key component of the collaboration is for Indonesia’s footballing behemoth to promote LGG’s achievement in decreasing the barrier to entry for players interested in reaping the benefits of P2E blockchain games.

    While LGG’s brand will have a greater reach in SEA, a place where P2E gaming is prominent, Persib Bandung fans will also learn more about how blockchain solutions may help them take control of their finances.

    Liberty Gaming Guild is a High-Quality Gaming Platform.

    The football team is interested in technological advancement. A significant element of this will be forging strategic alliances with segment leaders, among which LGG stands out.

    LGG is one of the top gaming platforms where fans can access supported titles, according to Gabriella Witdarmono, Persib’s Vice President of Partnership and Activation.

    In her own words, she stated:

    “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Liberty Gaming Guild (LGG), which is currently one of the most popular gaming platforms.” We want our fans to enjoy a pleasant, positive experience with LGG’s numerous gaming goods as a result of this strategic cooperation. As one of the clubs with the largest fan base, Persib is devoted to staying current with any advancements, one of which is the development of the gaming business known as Bobotoh, which is quite popular among our followers.”

    A new Chief Commercial Officer has been appointed (CCO)

    LGG has announced the hiring of Maurizio Barbieri as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Maurizio formerly worked for some of the world’s leading media and technology organizations. According to LGG, his breadth of invaluable experience will be leveraged in growth, development, and connection building.

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