• Line Corporation Announces the Arrival of an NFT Platform

  • Line Corporation, a Japanese messaging service, will launch an NFT platform in the new year. The platform will be called LineNext, and it will be based in the United States and South Korea.

    The new organization’s goal is to develop marketplaces, communities, and ecosystems for firms and individuals to exchange NFTs. It plans to accomplish this by leveraging Line Corporation’s considerable experience developing messaging and blockchain services. The platform’s services will be available worldwide, except in Line Corporation’s home nation of Japan, where a beta version of the service will be available through the Line Bitmax wallet.

    LineNext’s principal revenue stream will be transaction brokerage fees earned as a platform provider. However, plans for other revenue sources are already in the works, according to a spokeswoman, and may involve a collaboration with multiple prospective future partners, with discussions already underway.

    The LineNext team in the United States will focus on creating the commercial end of the NFT platform, while the bigger team in South Korea will focus on the platform’s global strategy and planning.

    Line Corporation has almost a decade of experience as a proven digital innovator, making it one of Asia’s most popular tech companies. They are no strangers to the crypto world, having already constructed their own independently developed blockchain, Line Blockchain, with their own crypto-asset, Link (LN), and running their own blockchain development platform, Line Blockchain Developers.

    With an impressive arsenal of crypto-infused experience in their portfolio, it’s worth keeping a watch on the LineNext NFT platform’s progress.

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