• Liquid Craft will launch 1500 liquor-backed NFTs on ETH and BSC on November 23rd

  • Liquid Craft – is bringing a new concept to the NFT space by adding value to their digital art pieces by using collectible handcrafted bottles of liquor. Their first series, Dragons and Bourbon, will go on pre-sale on November 20th at 12 PM PST, with the public sale beginning on November 23rd at 12 PM PST.

    With this release and their upcoming NFT marketplace, Liquid Craft hopes to bring innovation to two markets at the same time. The NFTs are all backed by collectible liquor bottles, and with each series they release, they aim to deliver something unique in the form of fine wines, spirits, craft beers, and various other Liqueurs from a variety of international crafters.

    The Dragons and Bourbon NFT Series – First Edition

    The first Liquid Craft release, Dragons and Bourbon, is a series of 1500 NFTs released in two tiers – one tier of 750 NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain and the other tier of 750 on Ethereum. Each of the 1500 NFTs is accompanied by a premium bottle of handcrafted small-batch bourbon produced by The Heart Distillery, an international award-winning distillery in Windsor, Colorado.

    The Heart Distillery created this small batch of bourbon specifically for this series, and the release is limited to a hard cap of 1500 bottles due to the limited number of bottles available.

    The initial release date was set for October 31st, but due to network congestion and extremely high gas fee pricing at the time, the team decided to rethink their strategy. The community’s feedback has been taken into account, and the team is now making the final decision to release on the 20th and 23rd of November.

    Airdrops for First Release Purchasers

    Initial purchasers of Dragons and Bourbon NFTs will be eligible for airdrops of the native $CRAFT token, with varying amounts given depending on the tier purchased. The price per NFT varies depending on the NFT tier purchased, with the Ethereum tier costing up to 4500 tokens and the Binance tier costing up to 1500 tokens. Aside from airdrops, there will be exclusive offers, events, and automatic entry into all future giveaways.

    NFTs and Traditional Liquor – The Perfect Match

    Based on the smart contracts on which they are built, NFTs have grown in popularity over the last year and have already provided solutions to a variety of problems in various industries. Liquid Craft is utilizing this technology to provide solutions to the NFT market, the traditional liquor investment market, and to assist fine liquor crafters worldwide.

    By combining the traditional liquor market and the NFT space, would-be fine liquor investors can eliminate the previous barriers to entry associated with liquor investing while also increasing the security and authenticity of collecting physical bottles. Intermediary processes are eliminated, as are storage concerns, and the bottles can be traded as easily as NFTs, as frequently as needed, without the physical bottle leaving the supplier.

    By tying NFTs to appreciating assets, NFTs now have real, tangible value for collectors. This support for physical products eliminates much of the speculation that is currently associated with the NFT market.

    International Crafters Can Use the NFT Marketplace

    The last two years have been difficult for some international crafters. International tourism is at an all-time low, and most wineries, breweries, and distilleries that previously relied on it have seen a significant drop in revenue.

    The goal of Liquid Craft’s upcoming marketplace, which will be available soon, is to provide a potential lifeline to these smaller crafters. By offering their products as NFTs, they will be able to showcase their product to a new set of consumers on a global scale.

    The Days Leading Up to the Pre-Sale on November 20th and the Public Sale on November 23rd

    The Dragons and Bourbon NFT series will go on pre-sale on November 20th at 12 PM PST for lucky participants who managed to secure a whitelist entry.

    Due to the limited number of NFTs being released, the Public Sale will begin on November 23rd at 12 PM PST and will be on a first come, first served basis. Updates on the project’s social media platforms will include information about the fast-approaching launch dates, as well as additional promotions and AMA details.

    The project has partnered with leading crypto marketing agency Coinpresso to help with the buildup to the upcoming launch date. The Coinpresso team will assist with this release as well as all future launches, assisting with all marketing, SEO, and promotion needs.

    NFTs are now more than just digital art pieces, and Liquid Craft is using them in this series to bring about change in the NFT space as well as the traditional liquor markets. Their upcoming marketplace is expected to provide a new revenue stream for crafters all over the world as well as a slew of options for investors in NFTs and fine liquors.

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