• Liverpool City Council is interested in a blockchain-powered food delivery platform

  • Steve Rotheram, the Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, announced a 700,000 pound ($955,957 USD) investment in Peepl, a blockchain-powered food delivery service, on Monday. For local restaurants, the software aims to be a more cost-effective alternative to food delivery giants.

    Peepl claims that its technology and partnerships can save restaurants up to 50% on commissions typically charged by food delivery platforms. Furthermore, the Peepl platform promises to refund customers 5% to 10% of their order value in the form of Peepl Tokens (PPL). They will, however, be bound to the network for at least four to five years.

    According to the company’s website, its developers intend to keep the price of each PPL token fixed until 2025. PPL token holders would be able to participate in network governance in addition to making transactions.

    Mayor Rotheram expressed his support for Peepl in the following statement:

    “We aren’t the type to simply follow the crowd in the Liverpool City Region. We like to be trailblazers, to chart our own path, and to be proud of our local businesses and community solidarity. Peepl has the potential to radically disrupt the food delivery market by bringing all of these values together and injecting a lot more fairness – for both riders and restaurants – into an industry not known for its treatment of workers.”

    Regarding the development, Leon Rossiter, CEO and co-founder of Peepl, stated:

    “Advances in blockchain technology, combined with shifting values and laws, mean that new business models for the internet and the local economies we all live in are possible.”

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