• Lobster DAO, the NFT lobbying fundraisers have been a huge success

  • The Lobby Lobster DAO demonstrates that crypto communities can be powerful and successful. Most importantly, they will have a say in how cryptocurrency regulations are developed in the future. It is no secret that governments all over the world want to impose stricter regulations on cryptocurrencies.

    A $1 trillion infrastructure bill is currently being debated in the United States. Some of the provisions included in the bill proposed by the United States Senate include crypto tax reporting. The Lobster DAO wants a say in this. They proposed changes to the bill. Regrettably, they rejected the revisions. However, the Lobby Lobster DAO will not be deterred.

    Lobby Lobsters began as a Twitter conversation in August. On September 5th, less than a month later, the lobsters went on sale. The 10,000 NFT images were a huge success. They were gone in less than a half-hour. The NFT sales generated nearly 1000 ETH, which amounted to a whopping $4 million at the time.

    For the Lobster DAO, things moved quickly. To begin, on September 7th, they proposed donating the entire 1000 ETH fund to Coin Center, a Washington non-profit organization. Coin Center is focusing on the policy issues that will confront cryptocurrencies in 2021. Following that, there was a vote. The outcome, however, was unanimous. The proposal received unanimous approval from the DAO.

    Finally, the Lobster DAO is backing Coin Center to deliver with 1000 ETH. Significantly, the funds will enable Coin Center to grow, become more flexible, and evolve to meet the needs of crypto advocacy in the United States.

    Universe is the owner of Lobby Lobsters. They intend to continue the fight and will fund it with secondary sales from Lobsters.

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