• Louis Vuitton Commissions an NFT Piece to Commemorate the 200th Birthday of the House’s Founder

  • Louis Vuitton commissioned ABIBOO Studio to create a fitting NFT piece commemorating the luxury brand’s Founder’s 200th birthday. As a result, AKORO, a digital artwork, reimagines Monsieur Louis Vuitton’s original and timeless creation: the travel trunk.

    Because this is a significant moment in Louis Vuitton’s history, the company has chosen 200 visionaries who embody the spirit of the man who started it all. As a result, the impressive list of participants includes activities, scientists, explorers, and artists. Some of these big names include journalist Gloria Steinem, the boy band BTS, actress Robin Wright, and architects like Frank Gehry and Sou Fujimoto.

    Akoro, an Immersive VR NFT created by Louis Vuitton and ABIBOO Studio, is being explored.

    Akoro is essentially an immersive virtual reality experience that runs on the layer 2 Ethereum blockchain, Polygon. Furthermore, it is a non-physical object that reacts instantly to the lights and sounds in its environment. As a result, it offers a highly customizable experience.

    According to the press release, AKORO’s real-time responsive character brings it to life. According to the project, the “artist’s heart” has its own beats and personality while adapting to and reflecting the context as it breathes and resonates. As a result, the NFT seeks to provide a personalized metaverse experience based on the environment or desired inputs.

    AKORO, for example, facilitated virtual travel. For example, the user could be physically in London while immersed in a virtual reality experience that responds to events in New York or even Mars. AKORO also functions as a memory trunk. That is, through personal videos, it can transport the user to a filtered immersive reality of special moments. This gives the NFT a very personal touch and dynamic.

    This NFT is a sought-after Collector’s piece due to Louis Vuitton’s distinct approach and brand value. If you’re an LV fan looking to get your hands on this NFT, you’ll have a chance to do so when Sotheby’s auctions begin in late 2021.

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