• LUNA 2.0 Tokens Scam are Already Proliferating

  • Scammers peddling counterfeit “LUNA 2.0 tokens” are launching a fake “airdrop” a day before the actual one.

    Scammers have been discovered delivering so-called “Wrapped LUNA 2.0” tokens to high-profile Ethereum addresses, according to PeckShield, a blockchain security and data analytics startup. The ruse is intended to mimic the actual LUNA re-launch airdrop on Friday.

    Popular receivers of these new tokens, according to PeckShield, include Vitalik Buterin, Andreesen Horowitz, Three Arrows Capital, and Justin Sun.

    To replicate Terra’s legitimate airdrop, the tokens were initially delivered to Terra Deployer from an anonymous address on Thursday and then distributed to the appropriate persons.

    However, as Do Kwon stated in his Terra ecosystem recovery plan, UST and LUNA holders with assets bridged off of Terra will most likely be ineligible for the airdrop. In other words, so-called “airdrops” on Ethereum and other networks are bogus.

    Terra’s strategy include forking the Terra blockchain and releasing an entirely new LUNA token. The former LUNA, which was debased to nothing earlier this month when UST de-pegged from the dollar, will be renamed “LUNC.”

    The new LUNA will be allocated to LUNC and UST holders based on their positions during specific blockchain snapshots. Users who have assets at exchange addresses such as Binance or Huobi will also be paid.

    Terra 2.0, unlike the previous chain, will not have an algorithmic stablecoin and will be entirely community-owned. The airdrop whitelist does not contain Terraform Labs or the LUNA Foundation Guard.

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