• Lyft’s $13.4 billion CFO joins OpenSea NFT Marketplace in the same position

  • Brian Roberts, a tech veteran from Lyft’s $13.4 billion valuation, has joined Ethereum NFT marketplace OpenSea as its CFO (Chief Financial Officer). This significant addition to the company represents yet another step forward in the development and adoption of Web3 startups.

    An IT veteran has joined the NFT market.

    In an interview with Bloomberg, Roberts stated that he was looking forward to leaving the company where he had served as CFO since 2015. He joined the NFT marketplace without hesitation because he is confident in the future of Web3 technologies and companies.

    The former Lyft employee stated that he had not been this excited about joining a company in a long time and compared OpenSea to 1990s eBay, which has been developing since the internet’s inception.

    OpenSea was founded in 2017 and has since grown to become the largest marketplace for non-fungible tokens. Using blockchain technology, NFT technology enables the creation of a one-of-a-kind piece of digital content.

    Various projects on the market have attracted millions of dollars in investment from celebrities as well as average cryptocurrency holders. With over 700,000 registered users, the marketplace’s transaction volume has surpassed $10 billion.

    Talent is stolen by cryptocurrency.

    Lyft is not Roberts’ first or only company; the CFO previously worked with IT and retail behemoths such as Microsoft and Walmart before joining companies in the cryptocurrency industry.

    With the continued adoption of blockchain and crypto technologies, professionals from IT behemoths such as Facebook and Venrock are actively leaving their positions to join a rapidly developing industry that has seen $21 billion inflows following the most recent rally.

    Venture capital is constantly fueling the cryptocurrency industry with large investments that outnumber those made in the previous ten years combined.

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