• Macy’s Introduces NFTs to Commemorate Iconic Fourth of July Fireworks Display

  • The renowned New York department store Macy’s is introducing a number of NFTs that emphasize their legendary Fourth of July fireworks spectacular and parade. The 9,500 NFTs are actually totally free! This collection is being made available by Macy’s to commemorate the upcoming American Independence Day.

    NFTs from Macy’s provide useful features, like AR wearables!

    You must sign up for the new Macy’s Discord channel if you wish to purchase one of these exclusive NFTs. The airdrop will start shortly after the registration deadline of June 27.

    The NFTs are classified into three levels of rarity. They are available in Classic, Rare, and Ultra Rare designs. They will also spotlight features from this year’s Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks spectacular. The NFT collection also has some excellent utilities. This involves being able to use Augmented Reality wearables on social networking and other channels.

    “These free Macy’s Fireworks NFTs will help attract a new set of fans with an easy-to-access implementation that democratizes this emerging space for a mass audience while also embracing a digitally native audience with added utilities, including Augmented Reality wearables,” said Will Coss, executive producer of Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks.

    Macy’s enters the Web3 world.

    It is Macy’s next step into Web3 as they investigate how to best use the technology for their customers’ needs. In the next weeks, they will release more NFT surprises via Discord and the website.

    Finally, Macy’s New York NFTs are integrated into the Polygon Network. Within the NFT space, Macy’s aims to focus on eco-friendly solutions.

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