• MaximNFT from xSigma will go into beta in late November, with NFT collections from Brian Tracy and a slew of NFL players

  • ZK International Group Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: ZKIN) (“ZKIN”, “ZK International” or the “Company”) and its subsidiary xSigma Collectibles (“xSigma”) are pleased to announce the November 29th launch of MaximNFT’s open beta. MaximNFT is a new NFT marketplace launched by xSigma in collaboration with Maxim magazine. It will feature exclusive NFT collections from celebrities such as Brian Tracy and a slew of NFL players.

    Brian Tracy is a motivational speaker and the author of the international best-seller “The Psychology of Achievement.” Tracy has hundreds of textual, audio, and video learning programs in addition to the book. “The Art of Closing the Sale,” “Eat that Frog,” and “Maximum Achievement” are among his other works.

    Tracy’s NFT collection is a charitable endeavor. Jon Orlando, CEO of MaximNFT, stated that he is looking forward to hosting the collection, as well as other charitable projects on MaximNFT in the future.

    Meanwhile, MaximNFT will offer one-of-a-kind, 3D digital collectibles signed by football stars such as Janoris Jenkins, Devon Kennard, and Denzel Perryman. Jenkins, also known as “Jackrabbit,” is a cornerback for the Tennessee Titans. Meanwhile, Kennard is an Arizona Cardinals linebacker, and Perryman is a Las Vegas Raiders middle linebacker.

    “Both MaximNFT and NFL players stand to benefit greatly from the thriving NFT industry,” said CEO Jon Orlando. “Jenkins, Kennard, and Perryman are all exceptional talents with tens of thousands of fans eager to buy their digital merchandise.”

    More information about MaximNFT’s launch, as well as its exclusive NFT collections and high-profile partnerships, will be revealed in the coming weeks.

    MaximNFT.com Information

    MaximNFT is the rebranding of xSigma’s NFT marketplace in collaboration with Maxim.com. Maxim.com will endorse and promote xSigma’s NFT platform, which will operate under the Maxim brand. MaximNFT is aiming for a rapidly growing NFT industry that will surpass $2 billion in total sales volume by 2021.

    MaximNFT strives to provide the best possible customer experience and innovative NFT solutions. Customers will be able to create and sell NFTs on a variety of blockchains, including but not limited to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot. Some of the collectibles will include one-of-a-kind real-world experiences like autograph sessions, photoshoots, dinners, and other events.

    Additionally, MaximNFT provides an innovative “NFT tokenization” feature that allows customers to trade fractions of any NFT on the market.

    The market intends to concentrate on sports and celebrity collectibles, as well as gaming content. The company is banking on the growing popularity of gaming and the use of NFT technology for in-game purchases and collectibles. xSigma also intends to combine NFT with new AR and VR technologies.

    Maxim.com Information

    Maxim is a monthly men’s lifestyle magazine with a history of over 25 years and a readership of over 75 million people worldwide. The Maxim.com team, according to xSigma, will add significant value to the new NFT Marketplace.

    xSigma Facts

    xSigma (including xSigma Corporation and xSigma Collectibles) is a blockchain research and development lab that is a wholly owned subsidiary of ZK International. The xSigma team includes world-class developers who previously worked at Google, Facebook, Ripple Labs, and 1inch.

    In 2018, ZK International established xSigma as a research and development lab to address real-world infrastructure challenges. Its mission was to look into new possibilities in smart contracts, supply chain management, and other blockchain-based solutions. Since then, xSigma has shifted its focus to decentralized finance, concentrating on decentralized exchanges, stablecoins, and lending protocols.

    The research lab is now actively developing its product ecosystem. The ultimate goal is to create a suite of financial tools and products for the burgeoning decentralized finance industry. The xSigma team is at the forefront of blockchain research and development in the areas of decentralized finance, supply chain management, IoT, and infrastructure. Its DeFi protocol is one of several decentralized finance projects that xSigma intends to launch over the next year.

    ZK International Group Co., Ltd. is an acronym for ZK International Group Co., Ltd.

    ZK International Group Co., Ltd. is a Chinese engineering firm that develops and invests in cutting-edge technologies for the modern world. ZKIN has 28 patents, 21 trademarks, 2 Technical Achievement Awards, and 10 National and Industry Standard Awards, with a focus on designing and implementing next-generation solutions through industrial, environmental, and software engineering.

    ZKIN’s core business is to design and manufacture patented high-performance stainless steel and carbon steel pipe products that effectively deliver high-quality, environmentally sound drinkable water to the Chinese, Asian, and European markets. ZK International is an ISO9001-certified Quality Management System (ISO9001), an ISO1401-certified Environmental Management System (ISO1401), and a National Industrial Stainless Steel Production Licensee. It has supplied stainless steel pipelines for over 2,000 projects, including the Beijing National Airport, the “Water Cube,” and the “Bird’s Nest,” which were Olympic venues in 2008. ZK International is preparing to capitalize on the Chinese government’s $850 billion commitment to improve water quality, which has been estimated to be 70% unfit for human contact.

    In 2018, ZKIN formed its wholly-owned subsidiary, xSigma Corporation, to create innovative software solutions that support its core operations while exploring new opportunities in smart contracts, distributed ledgers, supply chain management NFTs, and blockchain architecture. The xSigma Labs team is comprised of world-class developers and engineers who previously worked for Facebook, Google, Amazon, Ripple, and 1inch, and it recently announced the launch of its first DeFi project in the Fall of 2020.

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