• McDonald’s in the world of NFT, featuring works by Italian artists

  • McDonald’s enters the world of NFT in Italy.

    Aside from the economic implications, the world of certified digital works presents an entirely new way of thinking about the art world, breaking down physical and mental barriers and making it available to a larger and more dynamic audience.

    At the heart of this phenomenon are inclusion and democratization, two basic principles of McDonald’s, which is now entering the NFT world in Italy after recently experimenting with it elsewhere. A decision that expands the experiential offer to consumers, opens up new paths in line with the main social and technological trends, and effectively appeals to the brand’s target demographic, the young.

    The launch of the Triple Cheeseburger became the catalyst for the creation of a one-of-a-kind creative project involving three emerging artists from the NFT universe and Ghali, the project’s testimonial, face of the McDonald’s campaign, and promoter of the values of togetherness, inclusion, and multiculturalism.

    Under his direction, the artists Daniele Tozzi, a calligrapher, Serena Gianoli, an illustrator, and Nicola Laurora aka Nico189, an illustrator, reinterpreted the theme of “level up” – a concept at the heart of the new McDonald’s sandwich that aims to take the consumer to a higher level of taste – to create three digital works of art that will be converted into NFT. Works that emphasize the need of layering, diversification, and enrichment of tastes, ideas, and lifestyle.

    NFT competition at McDonald’s

    A total of 300 certified and real NFTs were created in 100 copies of each artwork, which McDonald’s is giving away in a separate competition until April 5th. Anyone can enter the draw by registering on the McDonald’s app, purchasing a Triple Cheeseburger, and inputting the code on the receipt in the proper spot on the receipt.

    “We look at the NFT world with the goal of broadening and developing our experiential offer for our younger clientele, constantly staying one step ahead in recognizing new trends.” “We are happy to have been the first in the business to see the potential of NFTs, investing in the creativity of young artists and making it available to all,” says Raffaele Daloiso, Chief Marketing Officer McDonald’s Italia. “An experience that is true to the ideals of accessibility and inclusivity that have always defined our business, as well as values of welcoming and listening to customers.”

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