• Meet Charlie Sheen’s NFT TV Show, Fireside x Angry Lunch

  • To power its first new NFT TV show, Ramble On, Fireside, co-founded by Mark Cuban, is teaming up with Angry Lunch, led by Entourage creator Doug Ellin. Angry Lunch will give away 10,000 NFT membership cards as part of this cooperation, allowing audience members to participate in the show.

    The entertainment sector will be revolutionized by Fireside and Angry Lunch.

    Never before have we seen a TV show that uses NFT technology to allow viewers to participate in its production. Fireside and Angry Lunch, on the other hand, are launching off this unique method right now by giving viewers complete control over the creation of Ramble On.

    The show is a scripted dramatic comedy about seasoned actors attempting to reboot their careers. Charlie Sheen and his father Martin Sheen are among the famous cast members. Kevin Connolly and Kevin Dillon, stars of the HBO series Entourage, will also join the cast.

    NFT holders will get exclusive videos of the creation process, according to Fireside CEO Falon Fatemi. Occasionally, the production team will contact holders for feedback as the show develops.

    In a statement, Doug Ellin, co-founder of Angry Lunch, stated, “This idea has been spinning in my head for years, and seeing it come to reality is wonderful.” Ramble On is also the “flagship show that will signify a paradigm shift” in content production, according to Foxman. We can expect to see more stories like Ramble On in the entertainment sector, thanks to the support of NFT aficionados like Mark Cuban.

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