• Meet Crypto Fight Club as NFT Games Proliferate

  • NFT games are still a hot topic in the crypto world. Crypto Fight Club (CFC), an NFT-driven boxing-style game, has been on our radar here at Bitcoinist. Play-to-earn NFTs are one of the most hotly debated topics in the NFT space, and CFC intends to enter the market with a new perspective.

    Let’s look at the specifics of Crypto Fight Club and the current state of NFT games in the world.

    Prepare to fight!

    The CFC team has created an initial version of a detailed white paper outlining the project’s full scope and future roadmap. The Binance Smart Chain will be used to power the fighters’ attributes in this project. In addition, CFC will launch its own native token, $FIGHT. CFC players stake their $FIGHT tokens in player NFTs, and then they can earn more tokens by completing training objectives, fighting other CFC players, improving player stats, or purchasing other fighters.

    Staking $FIGHT tokens will be done through a Proof-of-Wait function, which will allow users to earn interest on their fighter, which will increase their stats over time. As a result, longer and larger stakes will have a greater impact on fighter attributes. Attributes will be divided into three categories: attack, block, and technique. Using attributes in the correct order can also lead to the unlocking of combos and killer moves. There will also be gear cards, such as gloves, shoes, and trainers, that will have an effect on fighter performance.

    In terms of tokenomics, there will be 1 billion $FIGHT tokens with an initial price of $0.02. Tokens are expected to be available by the end of the year, with play-to-earn gameplay coming early next year. As the whitepaper correctly points out, unlike traditional ‘Fight Club,’ the first two rules of Crypto Fight Club are that you talk about it.

    A battlefield… Micro and Macro

    Sure, CFC is a fighting game, but it’s about more than just players squabbling in the crypto fight club. There is also a macro battle for players and attention, albeit in a rapidly growing space that is attracting more players and attention.

    Measuring the TAM of play-to-win and adjacent NFT games is a difficult task. However, as stated in the CFC whitepaper, there is enormous growth potential, with some analysts predicting 10X YOY growth in the broader NFT market.

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