• Meet ‘Not Your Bro,’ the new NFT Collection in collaboration with Pranksy

  • Pranksy, one of the most well-known NFT collectors, has announced a collaboration with the Not Your Bro NFT collection. Positively, the collection is contributing 10% of its mint sales to non-profit organizations. Furthermore, the “Not Your Bro” NFT squad strongly supports women in NFTs. World of Women and Sacred Skulls are two examples.

    “We opted to work with Not Your Bro because Natalie and Georgia are an outstanding duo,” Pranksy tweeted. As the space attempts to develop itself in 2022 and beyond, increased exposure for women in NFTs is a big priority for myself and Magpie.”

    What exactly is the Not Your Bro NFT collection about?

    Essentially, the Not Your Bro NFT project is entirely female-led. There are 10,000 NFTs in the collection. Natalie, the Co-Founder, created the 200 qualities for the brightly colored art pieces herself.

    Furthermore, the project includes a comprehensive roadmap devoted to assisting diverse women-led NGOs and communities.

    So far, nearly $215,000 has been donated to various charity through the project.

    MadsOConnor, a Not Your Bro Community Mod, hailed the endeavor as a “very wonderful feeling being a part of something bigger than myself.” My job is essentially to steward and carry out the goal for our outstanding founders and administrative team.”

    The Not Your Bro community values inclusivity, and MadsOConnor elaborated on this essential topic when she said, “Daily, I get to meet incredible people from all over the world, learn their experiences, and create an environment where everyone feels secure.” Anyone who supports women and LGBTIQA+ people is warmly welcomed into the Discord Community.

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