• Meland is the newest launch partner for NFTb

  • On December 5th, NFTb revealed their latest collaboration with Meland. Meland is the first platform where gamers can create, control, and commercialize their gameplay experience by challenging questions, designing quizzes, and creating, controlling, and commercializing their gameplay experience.

    Meland.ai’s vision is to build a large gamification information content platform where customers can study, build, and enjoy themselves. Everyone who contributes to the system, as well as other players, is recognized by the platform for making gameplay enjoyable.

    Meland.ai is a massive platform for gamified knowledge content. Users can overcome more obstacles if they have more information, but each customer has a daily energy limit. It takes a lot of energy to take difficult quizzes. As a result, users must use the opportunities to take the challenge quizzes very wisely.

    NFTb Launch is the first NFT Launchpad of its kind, with the goal of assisting organizations and producers in accelerating and reducing the risks of releasing their non-fungible tokens in a fair and equitable manner. Meland planned to release highly desirable NFTs on NFTb’s launchpad in late December.

    Meland and NFTb are committed to working together to expand BSC’s unique gaming environment. The NFTs from the Meland game will be transferable to the NFTb’s gaming market in the near future.

    Meland’s Background

    Meland is the world’s first decentralized learn-to-earn gaming platform. They believe that the framework cannot be built without the community’s participation, and that only by working together to build a platform will they be able to provide a rich teaching and creating gaming experience, which is why they chose “decentralizing power” as the first instance.

    Concerning NFTb

    The platform provided by NFTb is the Community’s Comprehensive Multi-chain DeFi and NFT Platform. Their goal is to help developers become acquainted with and enjoy using DeFi dApps. NFTb provides a high-quality NFT marketplace with clients from all over the world and multiple chains, a DeFi network with yield farming prospects, and a launchpad to help artists and initiatives gain initial support. NFTb has received investments from Rarestone Capital, The Binance Accelerator Fund, and Spark Digital Capital.

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