• Meraki Platform Brings Generative Art to Polygon

  • In the last year, the generative art market has grown far beyond anyone’s expectations, with primary and secondary sales totaling just over one billion USD. With the NFT revolution in full swing, generative art finds itself on the verge of breaking into the mainstream. Now, a next-generation art platform is making its way to NFT territory.

    Meraki’s Platform

    This is the first generative art platform on the Polygon blockchain, dubbed “Meraki.” Creators and collectors will finally be able to do what they want in a gas-efficient environment, with the option of bridging their assets back to the Ethereum mainnet.

    Users and artists will have access to cutting-edge features such as generative art creation, a simple user interface, NFT artwork preservation, governance via the Meraki DAO, profit sharing, and cross-chain capabilities.

    Meraki has collaborated with Chainlink VRF to enhance the platform and artist experience. Chainlink VRF introduces a provably fair and verifiable source of randomness into the artist’s variables, allowing for greater variation in outputs and a larger collection size.

    Designed for Collectors and Creators

    Creators can join the platform by applying directly through the website’s artist application. Artists who are accepted receive their own personal dashboard where they can monitor their projects and test and edit the code without leaving the platform.

    Collectors, on the other hand, will no longer have to compete in gas wars and will be able to enjoy their collections in their own private gallery. Meraki will also collaborate with VR and AR partners to enable quick and easy virtual gallery curation, elevating the collector’s experience to new heights.

    The Meraki Token will also allow users to own a piece of the platform and share in its success. Token holders will be the ones to decide the project’s direction once it is moved to a DAO. Holders can also participate in profit sharing and governance simply by keeping Meraki tokens in their wallet.

    The Meraki Token will be released soon.

    Join the Discord channel to stay up to date on the public sale in November prior to the launch, when 10,000 Meraki Tokens will be available for purchase by the general public. Gravity Finance ($GFI) IDO Launchpad will host the token sale. One $MERAKI ERC-721 token will cost $150 at launch. Meraki owners will be able to claim 10% of Meraki Platform earnings from artist primary and secondary sales.

    So, what exactly is Meraki? The platform’s name is derived from a Greek word that modern Greeks use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love, putting your entire self into that creation. That is exactly what the Meraki platform and community will do.

    The Project’s Management Group

    The project’s incredible team consists of web development wizards, project management and crypto experts, and the ultimate NFT degens. Consider Artblocks on steroids – this is what their unique skills and innovative vision are about to unleash on NFT territory!

    Beta testing is currently underway, and the platform is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2022, with additional integrations and partnerships planned.

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