• Mercedes-Benz collaborates with five NFTs artists to commemorate the G-Class Series

  • Although this is Mercedes’ first entry into NFTs, it is not the company’s first excursion into blockchain technology.

    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) appear to be making their way into every major brand, including Mercedes-Benz. In celebration of its G-Class vehicle line, the business has enlisted the help of 5 Art2People artists from the NFT industry. Mercedes-Benz has disclosed ambitions to develop its G-Class-based NFTs collection, as many corporations around the world strive to explore the virtual world. Mercedes wrote in a tweet on January 17th:

    “What happens when five #NFT artists take on the task of recreating the legendary [G-Class]?”

    The manufacturer also added a video in which the letters “NFT” were replaced with “NF-G,” referring to the G-Class. The video also featured the names of the five NFT artists who were curated to create one-of-a-kind works. Baugasm, Klarens Malluta, Charlotte Taylor and Anthony Authie, Antoni Tudisco, and Roger Kilimanjaro are among them. Surprisingly, these artists come from a variety of backgrounds, including fashion, music, architecture, real estate, and graphic design.

    Mercedes-Benz to Launch G-Class-Based NFTs on Nifty Gateway

    Mercedes will release the NFTs on January 23rd in collaboration with the NFT auction platform Nifty gateway. The digital arts will be available at 6 p.m. EST and will last approximately an hour. The NFTs will feature pieces in a variety of price ranges, ranging from $222 to $1,554. When Mercedes’ collective sales from the NFTs reach $1 million, the business will hold a raffle. All NFT holders will be eligible for the premium automotive company’s G-Class raffle. Furthermore, when collective sales of the NFTs reach $2 million, another drawing will be held for all Mercedes NFT holders.

    The Mercedes G-Class-based NFTs can be acquired by those who own cryptocurrencies, making the digital works more accessible. After creating their Nifty Gateway accounts, interested parties may simply purchase them using their credit cards.

    Although this is Mercedes’ first entry into NFTs, it is not the company’s first excursion into blockchain technology. In 2020, the company teamed with blockchain startup Circulor to launch a blockchain experiment to increase transparency in the cobalt supply chain’s carbon emissions.

    The NFTs Madness Continues

    Walmart (NYSE: WMT) recently announced plans to enter the metaverse market. The business plans to create its own crypto-assets as well as collect NFTs. Nike (NYSE: NKE), Instagram, and Disney are among among the expanding number of businesses interested in the metaverse.

    McLaren has disclosed its ambitions for non-fungible tokens ahead of Mercedes’ foray into the NFTs arena. McLaren said in June 2021 that it would employ NFTs to produce virtual reproductions of its renowned F1 cars.

    “McLaren Racing digital collectibles are on their way!” “Welcome to McLaren Racing Collective, a global community of McLaren fans and collectors and the place to buy McLaren Racing digital memorabilia in the form of NFTs on the Tezos blockchain.”

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