• Meta Wins at Christmas: Oculus VR App Is the Most Downloaded on Apple Store

  • While Meta does not release official figures on the number of VR headsets sold, the technology has yet to reach the level of popular adoption expected by the business.

    Christmas was a fantastic holiday for Meta, since its Oculus virtual reality software was the most downloaded app on the charts. The popular VR game Oculus Virtual Reality is played with the use of the Oculus VR app, which is accessible on Apple’s App Store.

    While the App Store ranking is not the most accurate, it does provide useful statistics for predicting which applications are currently trending. Furthermore, it aids in the decoding of popular technologies among clients. People like to acquire electrical items for their families during the holidays, and the scoreboard assists in navigating this tendency.

    However, this is the first time Meta’s app has been ranked first for a VR app. The famous Chief Executive Officer of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, declared an investment of at least $10 billion to begin and develop the metaverse. The essence of this project is a virtual reality world that will become the standard for social networking, gaming, and, more crucially, work in the future.

    Zuckerberg has been heavily active in the most recent metaverse initiative. So much so that the firm decided to change the name of Facebook to Meta this fall. His alignment with the metaverse was one of many examples of the world transitioning to virtual reality.

    Roblox, a video game business, has long supported and advocated for the construction of a metaverse. The company went public in March of this year at a valuation of around $40 billion. Investors are now looking for similar metaverse shares, with companies like Nvidia and AMD leading the way. These firms create the semiconductors that power the metaverses.

    As of now, VR headsets lag far behind Zuckerberg’s Metaverse ambition. While this is true, Meta’s expanding clientele can offer the company with ample data on how the general public uses VR in their daily life. VR users can provide companies with input on what the audience wants from their VR experience. Because the technology is still in its early stages, a sophisticated feedback mechanism is essential.

    While Meta does not give official figures on how many Oculus VR headsets were sold, the technology has unable to achieve the widespread acceptance that the firm promised.

    A top-selling game product does not imply that everything is fine with a corporation. In the past, Amazon, Google, and Fitbit have dominated the holiday season with big deals. However, this has not proven to be a game changer for them. For the time being, Meta’s holiday success is a strong hint that the company is on track to build the metaverse as promised.

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