• Metamask and Asset Reality Have Joined Forces to Assist Scam Victims Recover Funds

  • Even if you’ve just been in the NFT sector for a short time, you’ve probably come across a variety of scams, ranging from stolen NFTs and seed phrases to large-scale Discord hacks. Things may improve when ConsenSys’ MetaMask enters into a strategic alliance with Asset Reality, a UK financial services company. They will give victims a fighting opportunity to retrieve their stolen monies if they work together.

    Taking care of the community with MetaMask and Asset Reality

    MetaMask is constantly enhancing security, user education, and asset backup methods.

    In most nations, there is no official agency to resort to when it comes to crypto frauds. MetaMask, as one of the major self-custody wallets in the crypto and NFT industry, is aiming to make the digital economy safer. Despite their best efforts to alert and safeguard users, scammers always seem to be one step ahead. The MetaMask and Asset Reality collaboration will now adopt a different solution to assist the community.

    Asset Reality will handle cases on MetaMask’s behalf. Their services are offered throughout the world, including some of the most active cryptocurrency exchanges. Until further notice, this service will be provided free of charge to MetaMask users. Victims must bear the legal costs in circumstances where pursuing legal action makes the greatest economic sense.

    However, if the legal costs are prohibitively expensive for the victims, Asset Reality will assist them in banding together and pursuing collective action as a group. There may be numerous victims at times, especially in larger frauds. As a result, working together will provide them a significantly better chance of success in crypto asset recovery cases.

    How can you approach them for help?

    If a person loses funds or has their account compromised, this can be a good initial option. The MetaMask support team will investigate how the users were compromised. This is where consumers must enter any pertinent information about phishing websites, vectors, and monies lost. The better the chances, the more information the team has to deal with.

    The team will then provide users with safety suggestions on future steps and forward them to Asset Reality. Users will be able to open a case with Asset Reality directly from the MetaMask platform. After that, Asset Reality will take over user communications. They will also keep people informed of the status of their cases on a regular basis. Furthermore, businesses can contact them directly to learn more about their services.

    Dan Finlay, Co-Founder of Metamask, emphasizes the significance and encourages any victims, no matter how minor the sum, to come forward. Any case can reveal information or serve as the starting point for a larger investigation. This may give rise to the possibility of aggregating claims in order to initiate potential legal action.

    Aidan Larkin, Asset Reality’s Co-Founder and CEO, agrees and is delighted to join with ConsenSys and MetaMask to be there for users during their most difficult emotional and financial moments.

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