• Metaverse Crypto Coin Metahero Price Up 18% Today, CoinMarketCap’s Biggest Gainer

  • The HERO token from Metahero is up over 18% today, making it the highest gainer on CoinMarketCap. The current price increase coincides with Everdome being featured on the front cover of Arabian Business, the Middle East’s top investor publication. Let’s look at Metahero and Everdome more closely to discover why their prices are growing.

    What Is Metahero (HERO)?

    Metahero is a premier Metaverse crypto coin construction technology that allows users to scan themselves into virtual reality with incredible precision. It was launched in July 2021.

    Metahero’s collaboration with Wold Digital World allows the company to produce ultra-realistic photogrammetric scanning using WDW’s 16k 3D scanning technology, which is employed by companies like CD Project, the creators of Cyberpunk 2077.

    The Metahero ecosystem’s native token, HERO, serves as the platform’s principal utility asset. HERO will be used for licensing, NFTs, scanning payments, and other things.

    HERO may be purchased on a variety of platforms, including PancakeSwap, KuCoin, Gate.io, and others.

    What Is Everdome (DOME)?

    The Metaverse where Metahero’s technology will live, interact, and thrive is known as Everdome. Everdome will give a fully immersive and ultra-realistic web3 experience, while Metahero will serve as the portal into the Metaverse.

    Everdsome will include a robust ecosystem that will allow businesses to bring their brands and operations to the Metaverse. Everdome will also allow users to organize business meetings, purchase and sell things, and host professional and social events.

    Everdome concluded its DOME token private presale last month, raising over 17,350 BNB ($6.9 million). The HERO token was necessary for the pre-sale, which produced bullish momentum and demand for Metahero.

    Everdome is preparing for the launch of its virtual Real-Estate market platform and an exclusive NFT collection in Q1 of this year, according to their Roadmap.

    Why is the price of HERO increasing?

    Because HERO and DOME are so closely linked, any positive news about DOME will be reflected in HERO’s markets.

    Everdome was recently featured on the front cover of Arabian Business, the Middle East’s top investor and business publication.

    Because the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have billions to invest in the Metaverse, focusing on the Middle East investor market is an excellent way for Metahero and Everdome to raise funding.

    Being featured on the front cover of Saudi Arabia’s leading business magazine is a significant achievement and one of the key reasons for Metahero’s current positive momentum.

    Furthermore, the successful conclusion of the Everdome presale, which raised over $6.9 million, indicates that both DOME and HERO have significant long-term potential.

    Both initiatives are expected to launch in 2022, with Everdome’s real-estate platform and NFT collections launching this year.

    HERO is a very undervalued project with a current market cap of $303 million, and if you’re seeking to get in on a Metaverse crypto coin early, Metahero is a terrific place to start.

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