• Microsoft will make NFTs available at the Windows 11 launch

  • Microsoft, the monopolizer of the versatile operating system, is about to release the 11th version of their popular Windows program. A whimsical “6D” musical experience and an exclusive NFT drop will accompany the event.

    The launch will be led by singers Tate McCrae and Allen Stone, but the NFT side of things remains a mystery, with the website only promising a one-of-a-kind cryptographic token that will unlock “valuable experiences and rewards” on the platform. Uluv.io provides the token, which necessitates the creation of an account.

    All new devices will now come pre-installed with the upgrade, and existing Windows 10-powered electronics will be offered an upgrade by mid-2022. If previous releases are any indication, it’s best to wait for the first patches before making the jump.

    Other aspects of the perplexing launch include a Windows ice cream, an illuminated Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and advertisements prominently displayed in New York’s Times Square. Hopefully, this latest iteration of disabling Microsoft Edge will build on 10 rather than revert us to the days of Vista.

    As a result, the entire world is on pins and needles, waiting to find out what these extra dimensions are. A micro-dimension, as mathematicians and physicians define it? Is there a portal to another universe? Consider this as you eat your monochrome blue, Windows-themed ice cream.

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