• MicroStrategy adds to its Bitcoin holdings, bringing its total holdings to more than $5 billion

  • MicroStrategy, a leading software company, has spent another $177 million on digital money and bitcoin. This raises the company’s total investment to $5.3 billion at the time of writing, making it the largest institutional investor and supporter of BTC in the last year.

    MicroStrategy now has almost $5 billion in Bitcoin.

    MicroStrategy first invested in bitcoin in August of 2020, approximately a year ago. Since then, it has made a number of acquisitions that have elevated its standing in the BTC sector to unprecedented heights. The corporation has long talked about the benefits of BTC and claims that any company that refuses to accept bitcoin’s growing status is going to miss out on a lot of things, one of which is riches.

    The corporation has created a name for itself as a major bitcoin backer, having purchased bitcoin during difficult times. Shortly after the corporation made its initial acquisition, the currency dropped. Bitcoin fell from approximately $12,000 to little over $10,000 shortly after MicroStrategy purchased about $250 million in the world’s largest digital currency.

    Rather than throwing up the towel and writing off the asset as bad debt or something along those lines, MicroStrategy decided to press on with its plans. The corporation purchased additional BTC, which was followed by another buy, and another, and another, until the company’s current holdings were reached. MicroStrategy has been investing in Bitcoin for nearly a year.

    Furthermore, the corporation has unintentionally linked itself to bitcoin. Because it has purchased so much in such a short amount of time, the company’s stock has been inextricably linked to the digital currency, which means that as the price of bitcoin rises, so does the price of MicroStrategy stock, as we all saw last April.

    Furthermore, the company has stated that it intends to pay board of director salaries in BTC, making it one of the first corporations to pay out paychecks in crypto rather than fiat currency. Some perceive the move as hazardous, but for MicroStrategy and many of its top executives, it is a revolutionary next step in the right path.

    More Bitcoin purchases are possible.

    And, not long ago, when bitcoin had its greatest drop yet, what did MicroStrategy do? It intended to make another $500 million purchase. Later, the firm made a statement declaring that bitcoin purchases would be a “regular event” and that it would never cease buying bitcoin, no matter what problems arose.

    With so much debate about the volatility and dangers of the mining process, MicroStrategy has taken a few risks as part of its ongoing crypto agenda, but as of press time, those risks appear to have paid off for the most part.

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