• Mila Kunis’ Studio Reveals The Gimmicks NFT TV Series On Solana

  • The Gimmicks NFT nominated TV show, a game-changing community-based project starring former WWE wrestlers, is coming shortly. The TV show, created by Web3 animation firm Toonstar and Sixth Wall, the digital branch of Mila Kunis’ Orchard Farm Productions, will make use of NFTs.

    Through The Gimmicks NFT collection, NFT holders will have a key role in shaping the plot. The Gimmicks is an animated web comedy about former professional wrestlers attempting to reinvent themselves. It takes place in the Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling League, a fictitious regional promotion.

    What’s more, this collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Solana blockchain is completely free. In reality, the public mint is set to open in three days.

    How does The Gimmicks NFT collection function?

    This is the most recent example of NFT utility and how it can give people a voice in something they care about. On a broader democratic level, it is “choose your own adventure.” In essence, The Gimmicks NFT collection owners will select how the story progresses. Every episode will finish on a cliffhanger, and it will be up to the audience to figure out what happens next.

    We’ve all seen a TV show and wished something different had happened. You can now have a say in these decisions thanks to the utilization of NFTs and the focused community approach taken by Toonstar and Sixth Wall.

    The NFTs are distinct characters who help to shape the community surrounding the project and the larger ecology. NFT holders will also have access to the TV series before the rest of the public.

    Mila Kunis, a well-known actress, is significantly involved with the project. She is a co-founder of Sixth Wall’s parent firm, Orchard Farm Productions. She believes that The Gimmicks provides an accessible entry point into the realm of Web 3.0 and NFTs.

    “It fits with our objective of bringing more individuals into Web3,” Kunis explained. “We understand that the NFT-curious may be hesitant to leap in, but Toonstar’s concepts, technology, and content, together with the Solana blockchain’s low transaction fees and low environmental impact, make this an accessible entry point.”

    As previously said, Solana is noted for having a low environmental effect and inexpensive transaction fees. This is critical for the project’s on-chain social layer.

    The creators of the TV show

    There are great expectations for this film, which was written by comedy professionals Dave Ihlenfeld and David Wright and produced by Toonstar, an innovative Web 3.0 animation firm. According to Toonstar CEO John Attanasio, The Gimmicks is “South Park meets WWE, but interactive and greasier.” Previously, the writers worked on Family Guy and Star Trek.

    Furthermore, The Good Brothers, Rocky Romero, and nZo, former WWE professional wrestlers, appear on the evening. Several guest appearances are also rumored to be in the pipeline. Maybe we’ll see Mila Kunis herself.

    Finally, The Gimmicks will begin releasing episodes on the official Website on Friday and will do so every week thereafter. Get your hands on a free NFT during the public mint this week to take part in this wacky, imaginative NFT TV series.

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