• Millegan was voted out of a major post at ENS after making contentious comments

  • Brantly Millegan was voted out of his position as a community steward of the group that runs the Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

    The vote to remove Millegan from the ENS DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) occurred on Sunday afternoon, following the discovery of a tweet from 2016 over the weekend, which sparked immediate uproar. Millegan had labeled homosexuals as vile, disputed the existence of transgenderism, and defined contraception as a depravity in the tweet.

    ENS is a well-known provider of Ethereum-linked domain names in the form of NFTs that may be used as usernames inside crypto ecosystems.


    ENS reported in a blog post that a majority of its community stewards voted to remove Millegan from his job as a community steward, with 75% in favor of the proposal.

    Millegan, a Catholic, defended his views in a recent Twitter space session, according to the article. He also stated on Twitter that he supports “the mainstream conventional Christian viewpoints expressed by the world’s greatest religion.”

    Over the weekend, the episode provoked a heated outcry on social media. Many observers, like Uniswap Labs CEO Hayden Adams, thought Millegan’s opinions contradicted the DeFi and web3 mantras. ENS reiterated those concerns in a blog post.

    In a separate post, ENS stated that Millegan could face additional disciplinary action, such as his immediate suspension while the community decides what to do; being asked to step down from his leadership roles at ENS (he is currently director of operations); being removed as a director from the ENS foundation through a DAO vote; and being removed from True Names Limited, a Singapore-based non-profit entity that leads the development of ENS.

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