• Moonlift Capital is the new name for Moonlift

  • As part of a comprehensive rebranding effort, blockchain protocol Moonlift has unveiled a new name and product release.

    MoonLift Capital will be the name of the blockchain project, and it will launch a decentralized exchange with token swaps and liquidity mining features.

    MoonLift Capital is a turnkey cross-chain incubator and service provider.

    MoonLift is a community-driven project that uses blockchain technology to provide users with passive income. Its ecosystem includes a decentralized exchange, Venture Capital, and their launchpad, which is the first milestone on their roadmap.

    Through marketing, fundraising, and community-building services, the blockchain protocol also serves as a one-stop shop for upcoming cryptocurrency projects. These projects can use their existing community base to increase market awareness.

    MoonLift Capital is also supported by a large number of partners and advisors. LaunchZone, a DeFi startup guide, is one of the most well-known. MoonLift Capital will introduce new projects to Launchzone, putting them in a good position to launch their tokens through IDO.

    BSC news, a top news platform covering the latest events on the Binance Smart Chain, and Midgard Technologies, a blockchain development and security company that helps projects build underlying infrastructure, are two other key partnerships.

    Logino Dujardin, the former CEO of DeFi project Safe Haven, leads an experienced team at MoonLift Capital. Richie Fallclis and Jordi Muset are two other important members. Amy Aoniz and Mike Parra, two expert advisors, have also been retained by moonlight Capital. They would be assisting MoonLift Capital in the areas of NFTs and blockchain industry connections.

    Powered by the cutting-edge utility token “MLTPx”

    The MoonLift Capital ecosystem is powered by the MLTPx native token. The utility and governance token MLTPx is used as a gas fee for MoonLift Capital products. When compared to popular Binance Smart Chain DEX PancakeSwap, MLTPx holders will be able to make swaps at a lower transaction fee on Moonlift Dex (0.2 percent) (0.25 percent ).

    Additionally, its tokenomics are intended to benefit long-term holders. Long-term holders, for example, will have first dibs on upcoming private sales on the launchpad platform. They can also benefit from providing liquidity to MoonLift Dex staking pools in exchange for rewards.

    MLTPx has a total token supply of 87,500,000,000 and incorporates deflationary measures and token burns, both of which are performed on-chain and are fully transparent. Furthermore, its smart contract codes have been audited by Certik and Hacken, two of the world’s leading cyber security platforms.

    The MLTPx token is currently available for trading on the Moonlift Capital DEX and PancakeSwap, with plans to expand to multiple blockchains in the future.

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