• More cryptocurrencies could be listed on the ASX in the future, according to the CEO of the exchange

  • ASX chief executive Dominic Stevens stated on Sunday that as the crypto industry develops, his exchange will likely list more crypto businesses in the future.

    It’s a major shift from the ASX’s warning to domestic investors last year, when it delivered findings on custody and private keys to a senate committee in July.

    In June, Steven also stated that the distributed ledger technology-based (DLT) settlement system being created to replace the exchange’s old CHESS system in the coming years would be able to manage more value than all public blockchains containing crypto assets.

    Now, the executive appears to be warming to the notion of adding additional crypto-related companies to the exchange’s roster, which is currently dominated by the country’s major traditional mining companies and banks.

    “I believe you will see Square-like firms listing in the future as the market matures,” Stevens said in the report, referring to a historic IPO that followed Jack Dorsey’s Block-AfterPay merger last month.

    Stevens also stated that the exchange is working toward allowing “pure” exchange-traded funds based on ether and bitcoin, despite the fact that the exchange is “protective” of company quality and describes the crypto business as a “very fast-moving space,” as he admitted last week.

    Last week, Stevens also indicated that he would be stepping down later this year and that he would be unable to commit to specifics on the years ahead as the ASX switches to DLT technology. Unlike the public networks that support the crypto industry’s decentralized exchanges, the DLT system will be permissioned and private.

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