• More than a third of Goldman Interns see cryptocurrency as an asset class

  • According to a survey of Goldman Sachs’ newest interns, 33% consider cryptocurrencies to be a well-established asset class.

    However, the majority of interns are still skeptical of digital assets, claiming that they need to do more research before jumping into the crypto frenzy.

    The vast majority of respondents (95 percent) prefer equities to cryptocurrencies as their preferred investment vehicle.

    When it comes to the most important qualities, 40% of interns said the ability to code was the key to their success.

    Fourty percent believe ATMs will become obsolete as money becomes more digitalized.

    Eighty-three percent of those polled expect to own a home. Nonetheless, 57 percent of the 1,800 students polled said they hope to become parents in the future.

    Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon recently stated that he prefers gold to Bitcoin.

    According to the bank’s July survey, 45 percent of family offices around the world are interested in cryptocurrencies.

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